IDLYITW Links That Won’t Burst Into Flames. Like This Guy.

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If he was part of the Fantastic 4 this would be pretty cool, but…no, yeah it’s still pretty cool. Flame on!! Splash News reports:

A homeless man burst into flames as he was Tasered by US police in Ohio. Daniel Wood had been sniffing from an aerosol can before being shot with the device. Wood, 31, was Tasered in Lancaster, Ohio, when he tried to resist arrest and bite the officers, police say. But after being hit by the non-lethal weapon, Wood, who has a history of arrests, caught fire. Both officers dropped their weapons to put out the flames, which had covered his upper body. “My complete right half of my upper body is burned,” Wood said. “I have bandages from my wrist all the way up my arm and across my right pectoral.” Police were initially called because Wood was allegedly harassing people outside a shopping centre in the town. Wood was charged with assault and resisting arrest.

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