Links Cute Like a Baby Orangutan

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For reasons sentimental to my black heart, here’s a video of a baby orangutan swinging from ropes at a zoo. If you don’t think this is adorably cute, shoot yourself. The world would probably be better off. Thanks!

More Leighton Meester sex tape pictures. With 100% more boring. [Egotastic]

Spoiler alert. Don’t be a douchebag. [College Humor]

Lily Allen topless. On a boat. Gross. [Taxidriver Movie]

Britney’s top crotch shots. [City Rag]

Obligatory Megan Fox [Popoholic]

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have girly fights. [Celebitchy]

Nickelback still wins awards. How? Why? Dear God…somebody tell me!! [Post Chronicle]

Tennis star or pornstar? [Coed Magazine]

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