Rihanna Nudes Are Online!

I’m of two minds on this leak of Rihanna naked pictures.

MIND ONE: “Holy sh*t! Naked Rihanna photos are, like, what I wanted for Christmas and never got! All aboard the wanking train to chafed city! Whoo hoo!”

MIND TWO: “Is that last picture of Chris Brown with panties on his head? So these were before she got the shit beat out of her? God, I hoped never to think about that again. Maybe I should stop masturbating. I can’t see the pics through my tears.”

Luckily MIND ONE killed and ate MIND TWO. I only have half a mind, and it feels so fine. Fine like Rihanna’s hindquarters. Damn.

Hey Rihanna, you got a little Mexican in you?

You want some (emphasis on little – like, too small to beat you)?


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