Chicks Like Watches

A/X Watches had a launch party last night and apparently the way to get actresses to your party is to give them free stuff. Lindsay Lohan looks like death, so you know she was there like an hour early pacing back and forth and chewing her nails in front of the window, so she could hurry up and take whatever she got to the pawn shop. Kristen Bell is only slightly more overrated than an ACC football team and if Hayden Panettiere‘s head got any bigger, she’d be levitating cars. But the only reason I’m posting these is because of the absolutely adorable Sophia Bush. I kinda almost don’t want to sex with her. She’s almost too cute. I mean, I would of course, but I’d be afraid I’d poke the talking baby koala cub or the magical pixie that lives in her vagina.

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