Peanut Butter, Jelly Naked Madonna Time

Someone just buzzed up to my building and I pressed the little button to let them in. I went downstairs to see who it was and was accosted by a group of traveling Christians who wanted to tell me about Jesus Christ, who I guess died for my sins.

All of this is fine, it’s just that in the middle of Lent, while I’m posting colorful lipstick kisses on Madonna’s 1979 bush that looks she’s giving birth to a wet squirrel, I’m not really in the mood to hear how I’m probably damned to hell for touching the skin of a dead pig on the Sabbath or having a homosexual cousin I haven’t attempted to stone to death.

Just leave me and naked 21-year old Madonna to sin in peace.

11 more pics of NSFW-ness HERE.

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