Sorry. Again.

Hey, so the site apparently saw a text I got from another girl and it’s being a little bitch right now. The comment section is pouting or something and this is the first post I’ve been able to put up since yesterday afternoon, so if you’re reading this then that’s a good sign. All the crap I’ve been working on since this morning will be up in a few and we should have all the issues resolved (comments included) soon, and by “we” I mean one of the tech guys who emailed me. Who is this guy, some kind of super-intelligent cyborg? I mean, he must be because I rebooted my computer twice and the site still didn’t work. Well, look at you, Mr. Smartypants.

UPDATE: We’re all fixed now. Thanks, cyborg guy!

To apologize, here’s Lucy Pinder and her heavenly gigantic rack. If your company has an “anti-gigantic rack policy”, a few of these might be NSFW:

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