Amy Winehouse is Topless

I think I’m gonna be sick. NOTW says:

“It is my pleasant duty to report that the normally skeleton-thin Amy Winehouse has finally found her figure. The troubled singer revealed her curves when she slipped off her bikini top for a dip in Caribbean paradise St Lucia. And unless I’m very much mistaken the Rehab star, who has battled drugs, was sporting a very healthy looking tum too. One onlooker told me: “Amy just whipped off her top and dived in to the sea without a care in the world. She was looking a better than she has for a while. A bit of sun is just what she needs.”

Whoever wrote this article has to live with his shame, because good luck trying to convince me Amy Winehouse is attractive. When she’s not posing on the beach in blurry pictures taken from space, she looks like this. You know, like a junkie. And what the hell is she doing in St. Lucia anyway? Crackheads don’t take exotic vacations. I don’t know either, but I can’t shake the feeling that there are some naked Caribbean chicks in surgical masks separating powder in a jungle hut while armed guerrillas wait outside for Amy Winehouse to arrive with the bags with dollar signs on them.

Click for NSFW photos:

NSFW video of Amy dancing topless on her hotel balcony after the jump (click here)…

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