Victoria’s Secret 2008 Fashion Show

Victoria’s Secret had their annual fashion show this weekend. You won’t see it on television until December where it’ll be choked to death by commercials on CBS or whatever the network of choice is this year.

In order for me to be entertained by it I’m going to pretend it’s almost naked Iron Chef America. Adriana Lima is Bobby Flay. She’s always pretty and is full of spice, but too much cilantro, too much bite. Marisa Miller is Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Very clean and fit, and will win any challenge unless the secret ingredient is ground beef. Heidi Klum is Mario Batali. Always delicious, always hot and oozing sexy. The rest of them are Cat CacaCora. Models who will never win, but are good enough to taste and get washed down with Ouzo, or politely spit into a cloth napkin.

Fun Dip:

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