Jessica Biel Regrets Getting Naked

Jessica Biel’s nude photoshoot for Gear Magazine in 2000 when she was 17 is stuff of erection legend, but now she says she regrets the decision. I myself, do not.

“That photoshoot was just a really bad decision on my part and I got myself involved with people who weren’t thinking about me and were instead thinking about what kind of a story they could get out of it. I learned a whole lot from the experience, so it was definitely a blessing in disguise.”

Meanwhile, back in reality, Jessica Biel actually did the photoshoot to get out of her 7th Heaven contract after she lost the starring role in American Beauty to Thora Birch (she blamed it on her then squeaky clean preacher’s daughter image). So, hopefully, in a 2009 issue of Gear, she’ll be washing a car with nothing but a thong and a pouty face. Because, apparently, her image as an actress who can’t act hasn’t exactly been the rocketship to stardom she thought it would.

These are probably NSFW:

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