Adrienne Bailon Lied About Her Naked Pictures

Remember how you thought it seemed a little sketchy that the Cheetah Girls skank got her laptop “stolen” causing those nude photos to be leaked? Yeah, guess what? Congratulations! You were right! Us Magazine reports:

Bailon and JJ’s Dirt Web site founder Jonathan Jaxson leaked the story that racy shots were stolen from her laptop “purely to get attention,” a source tells In an interview with a local CBS affiliate, Jaxson confirmed they made up the scandal “to juice” things up. Added Jaxson (who helped Kim Kardashian through her own nude pic drama): “What better way to do that than to say that nude pictures could have been stolen from her laptop?”

I’m not sure if somebody needs to go back to publicist school or what, but there has to be better ways to get attention than showing the world your tatted up ass. If you look like the hottest one on stage at the strip club during the lunch special, the only way you’d see the cover of Us Weekly is on line at the grocery store.

Click for possibly NSFW pics:

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