Jessica Simpson is a Born Entertainer Part 2

Jessica Simpson showed up to Good Morning America yesterday. Here’s a hint: She sucks. FOX News reports:

A technical glitch may have interrupted Jessica Simpson’s performance Tuesday on “Good Morning America” in Times Square, but it didn’t ruin her set. “Hold on, I know this is live TV, but I can’t hear anything,” she said as she starting singing her quadruple platinum hit “With You.” When the music stopped, the crowd went silent. But, the 28-year-old singer counted down for her musicians to start again, asking, “You got it?” “There you go,” she continued, going into song without a problem.”

The discerning ear will be quick to realize that this idiot also forgot the lyrics (AGAIN) and did the whole thing in her new country jamboree accent. Damn, she’s a mess. She shouldn’t be on TV, she should be puking in the bathroom because it’s almost time for the national anthem at the monster truck rally. At best, she should be singing behind chicken wire for free beer and wings.

Photos: Splash

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