Janet Jackson is in the Hospital

Janet Jackson was rushed to Canada emergency room this weekend after she became ill before the Montreal stop on her “Rock Witchu” tour. People reports:

The singer “got suddenly ill during the sound check” before her concert in Montreal and had to be rushed to the hospital, according to a statement released by W&W Public Relations. Jackson, 42, is being monitored at the hospital, and hopes to reschedule the show. No further information was given about Jackson’s condition.”

This makes the second time that Janet Jackson has been mysteriously rushed to the hospital this year, and coincidentally, this will also make the second time I say this bitch is on steroids. Because when the “details” come out and say it was the flu, and they will, try to count how many times you’ve have to call an ambulance because you’ve had the flu. Now count how many times you’ve seen Janet Jackson look like this when she didn’t have an album out then count how many times you’ve seen Janet Jackson look like this when she did have an album out. Guess what? A treadmill and a salmon filet won’t do that. Steroids will. They may also make you go to the hospital, because apparently your heart doesn’t like it when you lose 150 pounds overnight. Like Janet does. You could be fed through a wood chipper or become Apache Chief and control your weight better than Janet Jackson.

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By todd, September 30, 2008 32 comments