Big Brother 10 is Gay

I don’t know who any of these people are, but apparently some contestant on Big Brother 10 named Jesse Godderz enjoys bodybuilding. He also really, really likes penis.

‘Big Brother’ self-obsessed contestant and rumored homosexual Jesse Godderz has posed nude for his, ahem, ‘modeling portfolio’…A source tells Gay Socialites that Jesse is actually gay: “He isn’t ready for his parents, or the public, to know [that he is gay].” “Jessie isn’t actually open with his sexuality, but he doesn’t hide it too well either.” “We just don’t talk about it.”

I mean, let’s be honest here, anybody who looks like this is probably gay. And while we’re at it, the WWE isn’t actual wrestling. It’s a bunch oiled up dudes in panties and bronzer. Seriously, the WWE couldn’t get any gayer unless they put the ring in a rest stop bathroom.

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