Keeley Hazell is Topless Again

A lot of people might have an issue with Keeley Hazell being naked all the time, but please keep in mind that’s her actual talent. I’m not even entirely sure Keeley Hazell can talk or understand simple algebraic equations, because I don’t really care. She could be in a coma right now, and they’ve just propped her up for these pictures with pulleys and ropes, and it really wouldn’t make a difference. Why? Because God is still getting high fives for her insane rack. Jennifer Love Hewitt cursed God and never got naked, and she suffered the consequences. She’s lame, boring, and nobody cares about her except old people who like shows about ghosts. Instead of posing for Playboy, she got all fat and married. I guess what I’m really trying to say is screw you Jennifer Love Hewitt and your happiness! You have betrayed me!!

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