Shania Twain is Single

Shania Twain’s rep announced today that after 14 years of marriage Shania and her husband Mutt Lange have split. Via Reuters:

This is a private matter and there will be no further comment at this time.”

Shania started practicing Mutt’s religion when they got together and the religion is one of those “higher consciousness,” strict vegetarian, no booze, and no sex types of starvation religions. Sounds fun, eh? So now all Shania needs is a juicy steak and a bottle of red wine and she’ll be swingin’ that hot little ass all over town. I just checked and all flights to Switzerland and New Zealand are suddenly booked for months. John Travolta might be willing to loan his private plane to you boys, but the price will be high. And by “high” I mean “you’ll have to blow Travolta.” Is it worth it?

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