Lily Allen is Topless Again

Unfortunately for everyone involved, Lily Allen apparently just went to Cannes to take her clothes off. Is it as sexy as she thought it would be? In short, no. The Sun says:

Lily Allen is making an almighty splash in Cannes. She was booted off Formula 1 boss Flavio Briatore’s yacht after some spectacular boozy behaviour. Lil ripped off her bikini top and threw herself off the side of the boat in a moment of drunken excitement. The crew had to fish her out of the Med because she looked like she was about to drown. Once she was back on board red-faced Flavio covered her up with her dress because he was embarrassed by her inappropriate antics. Then she was told, in no uncertain terms, it might be best to retire for the evening.”

Lily Allen is horrifically unattractive, so I guess she really had no other choice. Ugly girls have to compete with hot chicks somehow. Unless Lily Allen can give blowjobs with her mind, getting drunk and ripping off her clothes seems like a pretty reasonable option.


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