Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape Picture?

Only days after the Kristin Davis sex tape photos were leaked, now a leaked camera phone picture of Lindsay Lohan allegedly giving her ex-boyfriend, Calum Best, a blowjob has hit online. This is now reviving rumors of the pairs’ reported sex tape. The picture, which was posted to a forum by a supposed “friend of a friend,” is unsexily blurry, but the idea that Lindsay Lohan would have a penis in her mouth doesn’t really seem that far-fetched to me. The poster said:

ok well remember that whole lindsay lohan callum best sex tape thing a while back.. that turned out to be bogus..untill now. apparently callum sent the video (which was filmed on his cell phone) when the 2 where an item has been sent to some of his friends…which as you may have guessed have been trying to sell the video. Anyway so i have this friend (cant say her name.) who is friends with lindsay lohan. She’s just emailed me saying that someone has sent an email to lindsay with a screen clip from the movie, and shes freaking out because she “cant remember it being filmed.”

Lindsay Lohan must have some kind of cosmic power because how we haven’t seen her in a sex tape by now is anyone’s guess. Instead of squinting at this picture, I should be able to discreetly peruse the back of my local video store for the latest Lindsay Lohan sex tape titles I just made up. Like “Ginger Snaps,” for instance.

Click the thumbnail below for the larger NSFW image:

Update: Watch the video clip of the alleged Lindsay Lohan sex tape after the jump (Thanks Max!). There’s still no real proof it’s Lindsay, but whatever. Warning: The video is very sexually graphic and NSFW.

Here are some pictures of what she looked like back then for comparison:

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