Jenna Jameson Does PETA

Jenna Jameson gets pounded while wearing pleather and PETA is against killing animals for their skin, so they have teamed up for PETA’s new ad campaign, Pleather Yourself. PETA believes people should wear fake leather because real leather comes from animals who endure miserable lives in farms. PETA says:

Having starred in hundreds of adult films, Jenna is known for being a strong, sexually aware woman. If you’re looking for advice on how to add some flare in the bedroom, she is the perfect expert to get help from. She is also a woman of her word and practices what she preaches. “I’ve worn a lot of pleather in my life,” she says. “Anybody that knows Jenna Jameson knows I’ve lived half my life in it.”

The irony must be lost on PETA, because Jenna Jameson had been looking like a chewed up piece of steak for a while. Good thing for PETA she’s getting hot again. At first I was skeptical how masturbating to a picture of Jenna Jameson dressed up like pleather-wrapped Betty Page would help cows around the world sleep on satin pillows, and I kinda still don’t, but it looks like PETA has been gracious enough to make sure I’ll want to try. Thanks PETA!

Click here to watch the Jenna Jameson PETA video after the jump…

Classic Jenna (very, very, very NSFW):

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