Anne Hathaway Loves Absinthe

Anne Hathaway has a reputation for being bland and boring, but then she sneaks in stuff like this and this. Now Phase 3 of her plan to not be boring has commenced:

Hathaway was spotted stocking up on five bottles of newly legal Lucid absinthe at Park Avenue Liquors the other day. “She was having a party” at the Fifth Avenue duplex she shares with Italian wheeler-dealer Raffaello Follieri, one source told us, adding, “She also borrowed an absinthe fountain from a nearby restaurant to serve them.”

Anne Hathaway is like that girl in high school who had like five rotating outfits and sat up front during chemistry class and ate lunch by herself, but when the teacher made her your lab partner you had to go to her house only to find Pink Floyd posters on her wall and her hot cousin from out of town smoking out of a hookah while she’s asking you if you’re cool with a threesome. On the next episode of actresses explained in just one run-on sentence, we’ll discuss Keira Knightley. Too thin or are you just jealous? Check local listing for details.

These pictures are about 5 years old, but there are 2 very good reasons why I like posting them:

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