Cameron Diaz is Topless

My contempt for joker-face Cameron Diaz is no secret. However, There’s Something About Mary was on last night, and since I was too lazy to find the remote, I watched it again and it reminded me of these pictures. (This is back when she was dating Matt Dillon, and that’s him humping her in the ocean.) So here they are again, and if you’ve never seen them they’ll be new to you. And if you’ve already seen them, you’ll bitch and whine about them like you always do. Anyway, these are proof that Cameron Diaz only looks somewhat attractive in these types of satellite photos taken from space. Up close, in person, and without makeup she’ll make you vomit. And if you’re like me, you’ll tell her to clean it up. Well, it was her fault after all.

Click thumbnails for larger NSFW images:

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