Heath Ledger Did Drugs With Naomi Campbell

Although no drugs were found in Heath Ledger’s apartment at the time of his death, Naomi Campbell’s former personal assistant, Rebecca White, says Ledger routinely went on cocaine and ecstasy binges with Campbell. The Sun reports:

When I was working for Naomi I saw Heath do drugs a few times. He was new on the scene but everybody was hailing him as the new It Boy actor. “We had been hanging in Naomi’s bungalow at the BelAir Hotel. Heath asked Naomi if she had any cocaine – I used to carry it around for her – and I remember giving him the packet and he went off, back and forth throughout the night.” Rebecca said she bought Ledger cocaine a few days later. “Each time I got an eight ball – four-and-a-half grams. The second time he came up all three of us spent a night doing coke in her bungalow. It was quite decadent. We were there for five or six hours.” She also saw Ledger’s wild side at parties hosted by P.DIDDY, who now calls himself SEAN JOHN after his clothing line, though the rapper is well known for his aversion to drugs. She said: “We all went to Paris for another fashion party a couple of weeks later. We went to one of Puffy’s (Diddy) parties at this club. There was coke and a big bag of ecstasy pills. Naomi gave Heath a handful of these little blue pills and I remember him putting them all in his mouth at once and swigging a bottle of Cristal Champagne.”

Supermodels? Wild parties? Cristal? Ecstasy? I wish somebody could point out the part of this story that’s supposed to be tragic, because it sounds like the only way this night could have gotten any better is if Heath was bitten by a radioactive spider.

Here’s Naomi Watts because Heath dated her, she’s hotter than Naomi Campbell, and she’s wearing a see-through shirt (NSFW):

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