Tara Reid is Cheap

If you own a Papa John’s and you’re looking for some star power for your grand opening. Look no further, Tara Reid is available! Page Six reports:

The blond uber-bimbo, who’s been partying hard in Australia, was trying to charge $25,000 to $30,000 for her appearances at clubs. But she had to drop her inflated price to a bargain-basement fee of about $3,500 when nobody would bite.”

Tara Reid would go down on you for a bar tab, so this $3,500 fee is probably still reaching for the stars. All you’d have to do is say “open bar” and Tara would show up too early, camped out like she was one of the nerds waiting in line for Star Wars.

Tara Reid at the Hooker’s Ball on December 2nd (NSFW?):

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