I Link Legend

Lindsay Lohan is probably having sex with JR Rotem [Dlisted]
Nicolette Sheridan has nipples (NSFW ads) [Taxi Driver Movie]
Christina Aguilera nude, pregnant, and blown up [Hollywood Rag]
Heidi Montag is oral [Hollywood Tuna]
The X-Files Movie is finally filming [Popsugar]
Ali Larter is chesty [Popoholic]
Salma Hayek feelin’ good [Just Jared]
Beyonce’s vagina slip (NSFW ads) [Drunken Stepfather]
Lyra’s Oxford (The Golden Compass) [Pajiba]
Is Shia LeBouf a good actor? [College Humor]
Twisted Sister Christmas [City Rag]
Stuff about Victoria Beckham no one needs to know [Egotastic]
Janet Jackson has a new song [ASL]

Coco and Ice-T at the I Am Legend premiere on December 11th:

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