Helena Bonham Carter Talks About Her Boobs

Helena Bonham Carter says filming Sweeney Todd while was she pregnant caused issues. Issues with her boobs. Page Six says:

Anyone who … pays attention to my breast size will see there’s no continuity,” she tells January’s Playboy. “The first half of filming I wasn’t pregnant, and the second half I was, and because we didn’t shoot it in order, I start off with huge breasts and then I walk upstairs and suddenly I’ve got tangerines again. It’s melons to tangerines.”

Helena Bonham Carter looks like Jack Skellington, so I’ll take her word for it. I just think we can all agree that the tangerines to melons scenario is way more socially acceptable. Especially during job interviews. I see here on your resume that you’ve cultivated integrated paradigms and enhanced leading-edge methodologies, but that isn’t an A-cup is it?

Helena Bonham Carter’s nipples in Novocaine (NSFW):

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