Britney Spears Flashes Her Ass Again

Britney Spears went on a Starbucks run last night wearing a shirt, no pants, and covered in some mysterious white powder. At first I thought it might be cocaine or the residuals from a box of donuts, but I decided it’s delousing powder. You know, like that shit they threw all over the prisoners as they entered Shawshank. I’d like to think the Starbucks employees threw that powder on her and used some sort of excuse like she’s a “health code violation” or some shit and then snickered as Britney stood there chomping her gum whilst waiting for her Frappuccino with that stupid smirk on her face and blank look in her eyes. Then the employees watched in confusion as Britney snorted and licked herself. In retrospect, the original plan may have backfired, but the Starbucks employees were funny, and that’s all that really matters.

Some of these are NSFW:

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