Tara Reid is Still Partying Hard

Hey, you remember that time Tara Reid was in movies? Yeah, neither does her agent, because she’s been hired to host something called the “Hooker’s Ball” in Darwin, Australia. ninemsn reports:

The American Pie starlet’s role in the 21st staging of Darwin’s self-styled naughtiest night will include competing in the wet t-shirt contest, and a manager at the Discovery nightclub says Reid may be dressed up in lingerie or even as a prostitute. “It’s a night like your ‘pimps and prostitutes’ or sleaze balls, and it’s just a night of less is best,” hospitality manager Guy Dunne said. “We thought Tara Reid would be a great choice … it’s a very naughty night and an opportunity to put your inhibitions down.”…Mr Dunne says it was a big coup for the club and Darwin to have Reid host the event, saying they usually get passed over by “big-name stars”.

This should be fun. Because it’s Tara Reid. I’ll put the over/under at 20 minutes before she’s stumbling drunk and wondering how her panties got stuck to her shoe. If the night doesn’t end with Tara Reid passed out under a table wearing nothing but barrel suspenders and a snorkel mask, I’ll slap a bear. (Author’s note: to clarify, my teddy bear.)

Tara at the Ivy on November 23rd:

Sad, pathetic update after the jump

Yes, this was only nine years ago.

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