This Might Be Anna Nicole Smith’s Corpse

Someone sent this photo to a bunch of us bloggers claiming this is a photo of a dead Anna Nicole Smith. I’m not sure what to think about it since CPR was allegedly immediately administered to her as soon as she was found unconscious in her Florida hotel room. Normally people aren’t propped up on a bed and posed for pictures with fresh puke pouring out of their mouths before or after emergency life saving procedures are performed, so I have no idea what’s going on here. However, judging by the contents of her vomit, Anna Nicole didn’t eat Emerald Nuts that day, so Robert Goulet messed with her stuff.

This photo is disturbing and probably NSFW, so you’ve been warned:

The pictures below are Anna Nicole the day before she died:

Update: I went through our archives and it looks like this is the same bed Anna Nicole had in the Bahamas (look at the headboard). And someone just emailed saying this may have been a photo of one of Anna’s overdoses while living in the Bahamas. So don’t be too mad at me. She’s not quite dead.

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