Rose McGowan is Engaged

Sources say Rose McGowan and director Robert Rodriguez are now engaged after dating since last year. The couple met on the set of Planet Terror and rumors started almost immediately. Rodriquez’s wife of 16 years was a producer on the film. People says:

He’s my best friend,” McGowan told PEOPLE last June. “We instantly became really good friends.” Engagement rumors swirled for months as the couple attended Hollywood events, and recently McGowan has been sporting a large diamond ring on her wedding finger.”

Love can make you do some pretty amazing things. Things like overcoming the shackles of 5 kids and 16 year marriage. Because, really, nothing should get in the way of the whispers of your heart. Or your chance to pin Rose McGowan’s knees to her ears and work her like an oil well.

Obligatory Rose McGowan nakedness (NSFW):

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