Pamela Anderson is Getting Married Again

In case you didn’t think it would be possible for Pamela Anderson to
become more of a skank, Clark County’s Marriage License Bureau
confirmed that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon applied for a marriage
license Saturday in Las Vegas. In case you’re new to this, Rick
Salomon is the guy Pamela Anderson had sex with after he agreed to pay
off her gambling debt. Oh, that Pam. She’s just all class. Us reports:

According to the Associated Press, the license permits the
couple to wed any time during the next year. Anderson, 40, was married
for six months to singer Kid Rock before the couple split in February
2007. She was also married for three years to Motley Crue drummer
Tommy Lee, with whom she has two children. Salomon, 38, who once made
a sex videotape with Paris Hilton, was previously married to actress
Shannen Doherty.”

Wow. At this point, Pamela should just go ahead and buy a double wide and put on a pair of cutoff jean shorts. Maybe later, she can hook up her boat trailer to her Trans Am and go fishing off an interstate bridge. You know, just to fully drive the point home that she’s white trash.

Pam and Rick at their engagement party yesterday:

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