Kim Kardashian Does Playboy

Being an attention whore is a hard job, and believe me when I tell you that nobody works harder than Kim Kardashian. Us is now reporting that the rumored photoshoot she did for Playboy in which she was only supposed to appear on the cover, has turned into a 12-page pictorial.

A Playboy source tells Us that Kardashian’s shoot reveals more than originally planned. Though her body is mostly draped in sheets and jewelry, the source says that Kardashian “will show one boob, and her bare butt.”

Ooohhh, draped in sheets and jewelry? Man, that sounds real classy. Almost as classy as the time she got pissed on and drank semen in her sex tape with this guy. Notice I said “almost.” Some leading experts even call it the caviar and champagne of sex tapes.

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