Beyonce Knowles Might Be Topless

We got an email this morning from sexually promiscuous sounding reader, Lexi, claiming artist, Bruce Briggs, painted a nude portrait of Beyonce Knowles. Lexi said:

Beyonce goes topless in a new painting that was done for her. There’s no denying it’s her. in addition to the attachments, check out the artist’s sites…The artist who painted it said Beyonce posed for it, and got it painted for Jay-Z as a gift.

Bruce Briggs says on his blog:

This portrait has generated a lot of buzz. It exudes femininity at its finest. She graces the canvas with the perfect blend of innocence and sexuality. A lot of people are saying she looks like Beyonce Knowles. I have no comment.”

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how Beyonce looks naked, but the tits in this painting look too big to be Beyonce’s. And the face looks like someone not named Beyonce. In fact, it’s hard to tell if Bruce Briggs is even an artist. He calls himself the “Airbrush King” on his MySpace and also does paintings of Air Jordans. He probably got his “fine art” credentials from drawing that turtle.

Click thumbnails for NSFW pictures:

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