Gwen Stefani Can Stop Now

Gwen Stefani revealed that she is still breastfeeding her son Kingston because she doesn’t know when to stop. Kingston turned one year old in May. Page Six reports:

I don’t know when I’m going to stop breast-feeding…I’ll just keep going while I can – like, he’s getting his teeth, so it is a little bit scary. He’s bitten me a few times.”

The last time I checked you were a millionaire, not a frontier settler, so now would probably be a good time to stop. Your kid isn’t going to die of scurvy or starve because of the wily savages. In fact, he might walk to the refrigerator and get a juicebox and a Lunchable. In my experience, that’s normally what people who can walk and have teeth do.

Gwen, Gavin and Kingston at the Sydney airport a couple days ago:

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