Cameron Diaz is Topless Again

These topless pictures are old, but for some reason they’re all over the place again, and today is boring, so here they are. I’m guessing this is most people’s way of clinging on to the past, around the time of The Mask when Cameron Diaz was still considered “hot” by most people. Now she’s just the Joker with a vagina. An overly preachy and politically correct Joker with a laugh that’ll make you punch the source of its sound. There’s Something About Mary was on again last night, and here’s this television still attached to my fist. I like the Farrelly brothers and all, but I’m sending them the emergency room bill.

Anyway, boobies. NSFW boobies:

Bonus: Watch the NSFW video of Cameron Diaz’s topless bondage photoshoot after the jump…

Here’s an old photoshoot I hadn’t seen before today:

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