The MTV Movie Awards Were Last Night

An MTV Movie Award is only slightly more prestigious than that blood drop with the smiley face sticker you get after your office blood drive, but people seemed to be excited this year because Sarah Silverman was hosting. Not sure why, but I think she’s supposed to be funny. Wait, she’s the one who willingly has sex with Jimmy Kimmel, right? Oh yeah, that chick’s a riot!

Watch Sarah Silverman brilliantly tear into Paris Hilton after the jump… – Sarah Silverman
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Ridiculous stripper’s tats aside, Megan Fox is insanely beautiful. She’s engaged to the rapping white boy from Beverly Hills, 90210, so it’s obvious she hates herself. The bully at little Bobby’s school also hated himself after The Get-Along Gang taught him the importance of teamwork and friendship.

Jessica Alba has been whining lately that her hotness is keeping her from good movie roles. The pictures should help.

Victoria Beckham hates bloggers, but apparently not as much as her stylist hates her. Maybe it’s me, but looking like C3-PO with an eating disorder and too much bronzer may not be the fashion trend you thought it was going to be. In fact, no, no it wasn’t.

It might be because I just woke up, but Fergie actually looks pretty decent here. Theories include gamma radiation and a genie.

Rhianna has a gigantic forehead, so she needs a wig with form and function. Like that Lego.

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