Pamela Anderson Nip Slips Again

Pamela Anderson partied at The Palms in Vegas this weekend with whoever that guy is, and her nipple slipped out of her dress. She can’t help it, though. She has no feeling left in those tits since they’ve been sliced into more times than someone who pissed off O.J. Simpson. And I really don’t get the point of wearing strapless dresses unless it’s your mission to show everyone your nipples, or you think it’s cute to walk around pulling up your dress with your elbows in the air. Yay, it’s the Chicken Dance!


Update: It turns out my friend Austin knows who that guy is with Pam. Austin says this “super weird” guy calls himself “Animal” and he tries to promote his shitty clothing line to celebrities. “Animal” also wears eyeliner and does voice overs. He got tattooed at Austin’s shop and has since been back to visit Austin three times, each time claiming he’d never been there before. Austin says, “Way too many drugs for that dude.”

Yeah, and to think he’s still not the creepiest and most drugged out person Pam has (most likely) fucked.

Here she is back at home in Malibu on Mother’s Day looking like she lost her comb and needs about 3 years of sleep:

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