Britney Spears is Topless

These pictures just showed up online, but I have no idea where or when these were taken. She has on the boots, hat and wig, so I’m guessing they’re recent. I’m also guessing I might throw up. Those pictures must have been taken pretty quick, because I’m almost positive they turned to dust when they touched her nasty ass. I’d rather my penis be the secret ingredient on Iron Chef that get it anywhere near this thing.

Update: A photo agency claims to own those Britney Spears posing topless photos, so we took them down. But don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. They were boring, and dumb, and her nipples were covered.

If you want to gross yourself out with pictures of Britney Spears semi naked, then here are a few pictures of her breasts which actually show Britney’s nipples:

And if you’re really feeling masochistic, then you can look at these Britney Spears shocking pussy photos again, you sickos.

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By todd, May 02, 2007 40 comments