Paris Hilton is Dead. Sort of.

Capla Kesting Fine Art is using Paris Hilton’s drunk driving as a PSA aimed at teenagers to encourage them not to drink and drive. So they killed her and will let you play with her “corpse.”

An interactive Public Service Announcement featuring the graphic display of a tiara-wearing, autopsied Paris Hilton with removable innards is designed
to warn teenagers of the hazards of underage drinking. The display also
features Tinkerbell, Hilton’s forlorn pet Chihuahua with matching tiara,
and debuts in the trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood where
prom-goers frequently dine, courtesy of Capla Kesting Fine Art.

“Campaign to Rescue Women of Youth” featuring “The Paris Hilton
Autopsy” offers a cadaveric nude Paris Hilton, laid out with twisted body
and opened abdominal cavity on a coroner’s table, while her cell phone
remains in her grip. The ‘unglamorous’ display which includes support
material from anti-drunk driving organizations counters “the disturbingly
glamorized trend of Hollywood’s ‘girls gone wild’,” according to gallery
director, David Kesting.”

Not included on the list of “removable innards” are her massive ego, wonky eye, ostrich eggs, beak and countless calcified sperm chunks. But that’s okay. This is a good start.

Here’s she is before they release the guts (“pre-autopsy form”). One of these is probably NSFW.

Source: Thanks, Cara!

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