Antonella Barba’s American Idol Journey Ended

Despite ridiculous crystal ball technology and wishful thinking, Antonella Barba was voted off American Idol last night.

After hearing the viewers’ decision, Barba became emotional as host Ryan Seacrest asked her what memories she would take with her. “So many memories, too many, I can’t even think about it now,” Barba said. “So many memories, but great ones.”

So, was she voted off because of her leaked photos? Possibly. Was she voted off because she can’t sing? More than likely. She already has offers from Girls Gone Wild, Sugar DVD and might get one from Playboy. All of those seem like the next logical step. Her parents didn’t pay all that money for those tits for her to pretend she’s Celine Dion. Time to get to work, honey!

Like I was saying:

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