Marisa Miller Should’ve Been on the Cover

If you ever thought to yourself, “Man, why did they put Beyonce on the cover of the 2007 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue?” or “Seriously, Beyonce? Can I get a refund?” or “I wonder if that’s horse or human,” then now you have more reason to be upset – Marisa Miller. I’m not sure exactly why they picked Beyonce when Marisa Miller should be on every magazine cover ever made. I dare you to find a body like this anywhere other than a lab or a female human/alien hybrid who’s looking to mate and breed. Marisa Miller could drink the blood of a bald eagle she just killed right in front of me, and I’d still ask her if she had any plans later.

From yesterday’s 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party:

Check out goldenfiddle‘s Marisa Miller video (thanks, Spencer):