More Golden Globe Stuff

Everybody in Dreamgirls who was nominated won an award … except for Beyonce, so at least the night wasn’t all that bad. At least her wig and dress are tight. She actually looks sorta hot. She better go ahead and frame these pictures now because in about ten years she’s gonna look like Big Momma. And that’s not as sweet as I made it sound.

Eva Longoria is 4 feet tall and always horny. That combination usually means you’re failing as a parent, but since Eva’s 32 it’s a little sexy. You can do anal then take her to go get ice cream.

Sienna Miller is supposed to be a model and a fashion icon, but damn if I know why. If by being a model and fashion icon means you need to shave your chin and you look like you’re the leader of the Rebel Alliance, then I could see how that would make sense.